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Tube Tent, Plastic

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Product Information

This emergency tube tent provides shelter for up to 2 adults. The structural integrity of buildings may be compromised after a disaster such as an earthquake, and this simple inexpensive shelter can be used as a temporary shelter from the elements.

Set-up is easy! You just need to find two sturdy objects (like trees or patio column posts) to place the tent between. Then simply unfold the tent, and run the self-contained cord throught the center of the tent. Tie both ends of the cord to the trees or columns and make sure the "head" end is higher than the "foot" end. This allows an easier entrance and provides a slope in case of rain. To help stabilize the bottom of the tent, place a rock or other suitable heavy object in each of the four corners to define the bottom width.

The tent material may also be used as a plastic barrier in order to create a suitable shelter-in-place environment to cover windows or vents.

Detailed Description:


  • FLOOR: 8' x 6'
  • WEIGHT: 17 oz.
  • HEIGHT: 3'
  • LENGTH: 8'
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Made of heavy weight waterproof vinyl
  • Cord included for easy set up
  • This tent can be used as an emergency shelter or ground cloth
  • COLOR: Orange
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