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SOS 2400 Calorie Food Bar - 1 Case

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Product Information


Case of 5 year shelf-life food bar. 40 compact, baked emergency food bars are specifically formulated to provide a balanced minimum daily diet with limited drinking water. It is specifically designed for personnel in life-threatening situations to sustain life until additional food is available.

These bars utilize a non-thirst provoking food formula to provide the U.S. Coast Guard required amounts of moisture, salt, carbohydrate, protein, fat, etc. in an appetizing, coconut flavor. This food can be eaten without any preparation or heat source.

See Specifications for additional information.



  • A United States Coast Guard Approved 3 day survival supply of emergency food bars with a 5 year shelf-life.
  • Food bars exceed current SOLAS requirements and meet U. S Coast Guard, IMO and Canadian DOT requirements for survival food bars.
  • NUT and DAIRY FREE - Food is made in SOS Food Labs' peanut free, tree nut free and dairy free (including eggs) dedicated facility resulting in a product free from all nuts and dairy.
  • DIETARY STANDARD - Food bar complies with Halal and vegetarian food requirements.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - World's lightest (1.15 pounds/bar) and most compact 2400 calorie food, results in decreased shipping costs to you.
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGING - Each food bar contains 6 (400 calorie) individually wrapped servings which prevents having the entire food bar exposed for long periods. The individually wrapped servings come in a grease-proof, water/vapor-proof barrier material that is heat sealed under partial vacuum and FDA approved. 40 bars per case.
  • The food can also be mixed with liquids for drinking or mashed into a porridge to accommodate infants, elderly, or injured people.
  • INGREDIENTS - Per 400 calorie serving:
    • Protein - 3 grams/3.6%
    • Carbohydrates - 52 grams/65.6%
    • Fat - 20 grams/25.7%
    • Sodium - 95 mg/0.12%
    • Wheat flour, Vegetable shortening, Sugar, Coconut, Corn Starch, Corn Syrup, Multi-Vitamin Supplement and gas additives; Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate as Antioxidant, Calcium Propionate as Antimycotic, Citric Acid, Gaur Gum and salt as formulation aids.
  • VITAMINS (percentage U.S.D.A) Thiamin (25%), Vitamin A (15%), Vitamin C (15%), Riboflavin (15%) and Niacin (15%).


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