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Winter Survival Kits

Harsh, cold climates demand specialized survival supplies. Our winter survival kits provide the emergency supplies to keep you hydrated, fed and warm. GetReadyGEAR® designed these survival kits to contain the essential items you may need when stuck or lost in the snow or freezing cold. You can keep them in your car or RV to take care of your family in an emergency. If you are planning a trip or outing to or through an area with a known cold climate, make sure you carry a survival kit that can keep you alive if you get lost or stranded.

Hypothermia is the number one killer of people stranded or lost in cold weather. Being able to keep hydrated (even in a cold climate) and warm is critical. When in a cold environment, the human body can lose heat in a number of ways you may not consider.


  1. Conduction - the direct transfer of body heat to a colder object when the body and the object are in contact
  2. Convection - the loss of body heat as cooler water or air passes over the body
  3. Evaporation - the loss of body heat that occurs when moisture from perspiration on the skin is converted to water vapor
  4. Radiation - the loss of body heat from uncovered skin to the colder environment. The head and neck are major sources of radiation loss in the wind and cold
  5. Respiration - as colder outside air is drawn into the lungs it is warmed by the body, as you exhale the heated air is expelled back into the environment along with body heat that it warmed


That is why it is critical to keep as much of your skin surface covered as possible, do not let your body come in direct contact with a colder object (like the ground), and stay out of the wind as much as possible.

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