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"Thanks for all your extra help with my order. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I'm a walking advertisement for GetReadyGEAR now." Barbara G.

"You are so easy to get along with, I wish all business transactions were this easy." Buyer, School District

"I think GetReadyGEAR has excellent customer service. You were very attentive to meet our needs. We appreciate it." Major University - CT

Middle Ground Prepping - A Sensible Approach

Middle Ground Prepping - A Sensible Approach, is Jim Serre's latest book about how everyone can prepare for the unexpected® without becoming a fanatical prepper or desensitized to disasters hyped by the media every day.

Learn more about Jim's book HERE and learn how you can get a copy for your Kindle now. Or, you can read the first chapter online for free on Jim's website HERE.

CPR Training Services

GetReadyGEAR® is an Authorized American Heart Association (AHA) CPR and ECC (Emergency Cardiovascular Care) provider. As such, we offer the finest qualified instructors with "real world" experience to train personnel in critical skills like CPR and First Aid in the Sacramento region and northern California. Learn more about our CPR Training Classes.

Emergency Preparedness Training

GetReadyGEAR® provides customized emergency preparedness and medical training for your employees and staff throughout northern California. Whether you are a corporate Risk Manager, a company Safety Officer, a Compliance Officer, or the one responsible for emergency preparedness at you business or school; GetReadyGEAR can help you meet your emergency preparedness goals. Learn more about our Emergency Preparedness Training.


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